Hospitalist Programs and the Revenue Cycle


It is safe to postulate the relative importance of the revenue cycle to every medical practice. Hospitalist Medicine is no exception, but there is room to argue that it may, in many hospitalist programs, receive lower prioritization and therefore less attention than warranted.

Revenue Cycle...

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Hospitalists and Mid-Level Providers

Not surprisingly, the growth of hospitalist medicine has also been associated with growth in the utilization of mid-level providers (Nurse Practitioners primarily and Physician Assistants to a lesser extent). Key findings reported in the 2018 State of Hospital Medicine Report (published by the Society of...

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Internal Medicine and Family Medicine Hospitalist Trends

The growth of hospitalist medicine has profoundly impacted the specialty of Internal Medicine, and the specialty of Family Medicine (though to a lesser extent). As of 2013, over 30% of all IM physicians, and over 7% of all FM physicians, were practicing as Hospitalists. 1


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The Demand for Hospitalists

Hospitalist Medicine is the fastest growing medical specialty, and we do not envision a reversal of this trend in the foreseeable future.

The following forces are driving the demand for hospitalist medicine, in our estimation:

  • Primary Care physicians increasingly prefer “outpatient only” practice
  • Specialists dependence on hospitalists for...
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