Hospitalist Management

As hospitalist programs evolve and mature, many medical centers have had disappointing experiences with both outsourcing and internally operating the Service.

Managing internally can be a demanding challenge for lean executive teams juggling multiple clinical service lines, and daily operational complexities. The incessant needs of a 24/7/365 hospitalist program may not mesh well with hospital organizational structures.

Outsourcing options are typically associated with short term reductions in hospitalist subsidies, yet morph over time into costly arrangements. Outsourcing firms may provide intense focus on your program initially, but priorities shift and your hospitalist program must fight for much needed attention.

Hospitalist Practice Management Services offered by Salient MD represent a viable option. Our expertise allows a medical center to retain internal control, and avoid painful transitions to an outsourcing model. Salient MD is proficient at imbedding itself within a given medical center and hospitalist program, creating positive coalitions and energizing stakeholders.

Salient MD is pleased to offer hospitalist management services as a viable alternative
to standard Outsourcing or Internal Management options.

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The hospitalist practice management expertise of Salient MD was introduced to our company at a critical juncture. We continue to work collaboratively with Salient MD in the operation and oversight of our hospitalist group. We greatly appreciate our partnership with Salient MD, and recommend them to any medical center or private group directly operating a hospitalist program.

Onsy Said, M.D., Medical Director
Valley Hospitalist Medical Group (California)
Salient MD