Hospitalist Locums Services

For Hospitals and Hospitalist Groups

We have placed over 250 hospitalists with over 60 hospitals and hospitalist groups since 2008. Our hospitalists understand the importance of representing your hospital and hospitalist group with professionalism and a sense of commitment. We not only have the ability to meet your temporary coverage needs, but to do so at a great value.

Also, Salient offers a unique “Hospitalist Locums Management Service.” We will assume responsibility for filling your Hospitalist Schedule gaps, and coordinate placement amongst the various Locums agencies. This will free up invaluable staff time, provide peace of mind that the Schedule will be covered, and typically result in lower overall Locums expense.

For Hospitalists

Understanding your preferred coverage arrangement is important, and we strive to create the right match for you as a physician. When you as a physician commit to providing temporary hospitalist coverage, we understand that you are making a sacrifice to spend time away from family and friends. You may also be agreeing to provide coverage at a facility or for a group with whom you are generally unfamiliar. It is with these understandings that we strive to create a great coverage experience for you.

We provide very competitive compensation and professional liability coverage. We will also assist with travel arrangements, if necessary, for your assignment. And we are available to help with any issues which may arise during the course of an assignment.

Salient MD has been extraordinary to partner with this year. We were struggling with hospitalist staffing since we had limited contacts and our ‘regular’ physician resources changed. Salient MD was asked if they could help with our burden. They immediately tapped into their network and began to find coverage. They tailored the plan to meet our needs and have been flexible as needs changed. The Salient MD team is diligent, trustworthy, professional, and have made our staffing headaches go away!

Donald Jones, Administrator
Fayette Medical Center (Alabama)
Salient MD