Hospitalist Billing

We have partnered with an outstanding medical billing company to create Hospitalist Billing, Inc. (HBI)

Hospitalist Billing, Inc. (HBI)

Hospitalist Billing Inc. is the first and only U.S. billing company focused exclusively on hospitalist medicine.

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Salient MD provided a much needed service to Magnolia Regional by assisting us in developing a structured process with charge capture for our hospitalist program. Upon engaging Salient, we did not realize how big an issue we had with charge capture. While their work with us was a short-term project, we continue to reap the benefits of their expertise. They developed processes for us to daily reconcile work performed to charges billed. To our amazement we were able to grow net revenue by over $1 Million. I would highly recommend Salient MD to any facility struggling with their hospitalist program.

Ronnie Humes, CEO
Magnolia Regional Health Center (Mississippi)
Salient MD